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Doola Review: Pros, Cons & Pricing

I’ve looked at Doola’s LLC Formation service and provided an unbiased review article below. You’ll learn what types of help they offer for starting a business. I also cover costs and whether it’s a good option for you.

Review Summary

Best for non-US Residents and DOAs
Free Registered Agent
Included in the subscription
Basic Package Price
Support Quality
Live Chat
Yes, human
Turnaround Time
Below Average
Mobile App
Ease of Use
Doola is a comprehensive service for LLC formation, especially for non-US residents and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). They offer two main packages, the Starter and Total Compliance, which cover a range of services from formation filings to bookkeeping software and CPA Consultations. However, customer feedback is mixed, with some reports of unresponsiveness and delays in services. While Doola lacks a mobile app and there might be potential hidden costs, its specialization in non-US LLCs and comprehensive compliance packages make it a worthwhile consideration.
  • Specializes in non-US LLCs
  • Comprehensive compliance packages
  • CPA consultations available
  • Integrated bookkeeping software
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Reported communication delays
  • No mobile app available
  • Potential hidden costs

What Is Doola?

Doola specializes in LLC formation services, especially for non-US residents and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Founded in 2021 by Arjun Mahadevan and JP Pincheira, Doola’s main audience is international entrepreneurs seeking to establish businesses in the United States. Beyond LLC formation, Doola offers several legal compliance services. However, they have some of the highest prices in the market starting at just under $300/year + state fees and going up to $300/month(or $1999/year) + state fees.

Packages and Pricing

Doola offers two main packages for LLC formation: the Starter Package and the Total Compliance Package. Here’s a detailed comparison:

FeatureStarter Package ($297/year + State Fee)Total Compliance Package ($300/month or $1999/year + State Fee)
Formation FilingsYesYes
Registered Agent ServiceYesYes
Operating AgreementYesYes
Annual State FilingsAdditional Cost ($199/year)Included
CPA ConsultationAdditional Cost ($300/hour)1 Free Consultation Included
IRS Tax FilingsAdditional Cost ($1200/year)Included
Bookkeeping SoftwareAdditional Cost ($300/year)Included
Dedicated Account ManagerAdditional Cost ($600/year)Included

This table illustrates Doola’s range of LLC formation services, potentially appealing to those seeking additional support, such as non-US residents and decentralized autonomous organizations. I recommend other services such as Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee for a more affordable pricing structure. I’ve also done a full comparison of all LLC formation services, aiming to find the best LLC service here.


Bookkeeping Software

Doola integrates bookkeeping software as part of its Total Compliance Package, which is available for $300/month or $1999/year plus the state fee. For businesses opting for the Starter Package at $297/year plus state fees, the bookkeeping software is available at an additional cost of $300/year. This software aims to streamline financial management for LLCs, particularly targeting international business owners and DAOs by aiming to offer accurate and compliant financial records.

IRS Tax Filings

Doola’s Total Compliance Package includes IRS tax filing services. This may be particularly important for non-US residents and DAOs operating in the United States, as it helps ensure compliance with U.S. tax regulations. Those who choose the Starter Package can add IRS tax filings for an additional fee of $1200/year.

CPA Consultation

The more expensive package offers a free CPA consultation, which could be beneficial for businesses seeking initial financial advice. Those who select the Starter Package have the option to access CPA consultations for an additional $300 per hour. This service might be particularly useful for international entrepreneurs and DAOs who may require guidance on U.S. tax regulations.

Ease of Use

Doola aims to simplify the LLC formation process, potentially making it more accessible for non-US residents and DAOs. Their chat-based formation process is intended to provide an easy-to-follow method for setting up an LLC. While some customer feedback mentions wait times for company formation and questions about what specific services are included, the overall focus on user-friendliness remains apparent.

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent service, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent, is particularly crucial for non-US residents, providing a physical presence in the United States for legal documents. This ensures ongoing compliance with U.S. legal requirements.

Registered Agent Review

Doola’s registered agent service appears to be focused on the needs of non-US residents and DAOs. They offer integration of this service within their LLC formation packages. This could potentially provide convenience and ensure legal documents are handled correctly, particularly for international business owners unfamiliar with US regulations. It’s important to note that the registered agent service is included as part of an ongoing subscription with Doola, offered in either yearly or monthly options.

Doola Registered Agent Price

As mentioned above, Doola’s registered agent service is included with both their Starter and Total Compliance packages. As a reminder, the price of the Starter Package is $297/year and the Total Compliance Package costs $300/month or $1999/year, plus state fees for filing the LLC.

Pricing Comparison: Doola vs. Others

To compare Doola’s pricing with its alternatives, here’s a comprehensive table:

ServiceBasic Package Price + State FeeRegistered Agent ServiceCompliance AssistanceExpedited Service
Doola$297/year + State FeeIncluded in packageAdditional CostNot specified
ZenBusinessFree + State Fee$199/yearIncluded in some packagesYes, varies by package
Northwest Registered Agent$39 + State Fee$125/year after first free yearIncluded in packageYes, varies by package
Tailor BrandsFree + State Fee$199/year$199/year or included in higher packagesYes, expedited option available

This table highlights the differences in basic package pricing, the annual cost for registered agent services, the availability and cost of compliance assistance, and options for expedited service among Doola and its competitors.

Customer Support Quality

Doola’s customer support service receives mixed reviews. Many international customers appreciate the comprehensive support offered to non-resident business owners. This includes services such as business formation, bookkeeping, tax help, and dedicated account managers, which have been well-received, particularly by those from regions doing high volumes of business with the U.S.

However, there are also reports of unresponsiveness after payment, delays in services like EIN registration, and reliance on chat over phone support. These issues have led to some dissatisfaction among users, as reflected in reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

Doola’s Phone Number and Email Address

For those needing to get in touch with Doola, the company provides various communication methods to accommodate customer preferences. You can reach them at:

The support hours are not specified, but Doola aims to offer real-time engagement through chat and social media.

Turnaround Time

Doola’s turnaround time for LLC formation is not explicitly mentioned, indicating variability depending on the state. However, I have noticed that for states offering instant online LLC formations, like Wyoming, the expedited formation fee might be unnecessary and is only dependent on Doola’s order processing times. This suggests Doola attempts to sell quicker turnaround times even in cases where the state itself offers rapid processing, potentially impacting the overall cost-effectiveness of its service for clients in such jurisdictions.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Doola’s customer feedback is a mix of positive notes and areas of concern. Clients have praised the knowledgeable customer service, which simplifies the onboarding process and appreciated the varied communication methods, including chat, email, phone, WhatsApp, and social media platforms. Post-formation support, especially in banking, compliance, bookkeeping, and tax packages, is also commended.

However, there are notable pain points:

  • Delayed EIN Process: Some clients experienced delays in obtaining their EIN, causing frustration.
  • Responsiveness After Payment: There have been complaints about a lack of response from customer support post-payment, with some clients struggling to get timely updates.
  • Communication Delays: Delayed communication has been a significant source of frustration, particularly for clients expecting a fast incorporation process.

Despite these issues, Doola is generally regarded positively for its customer service, but experiences can vary. The company aims to offer varied communication methods to suit customer preferences, reflecting positively on the feedback from those who had a positive experience. However, challenges with responsiveness and process delays have been noted.

Doola Mobile App

Doola does not have a mobile app available for either iPhone or Android. This means that while Doola offers a range of online services and support, users looking to manage their LLC formation or compliance tasks via a mobile app will not find such functionality directly from Doola. Nevertheless, their website is mobile responsive and offers a decent level of services on most devices.

Mobile app availability is uncommon among companies providing LLC formation services, but LegalZoom, ZenBusiness, and Rocket Lawyer are notable exceptions. These companies offer mobile applications that enable users to manage their LLC and handle various legal affairs.

International LLC Formation Services

Doola stands out for its specialized focus on non-US residents and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), offering a suite of services tailored for international company owners. This includes a comprehensive “Business in a Box” service, which encompasses company formation, ongoing legal support, banking, and phone services. Doola’s unique position in the market is further highlighted by its expertise in forming DAO LLCs in Wyoming, advocating for cost-effective strategies, and providing essential services such as a one-year registered agent service within its packages.

Doola’s chat-based formation process and state recommendation via chat exemplify their commitment to user-friendliness and support for international entrepreneurs. Although notably more expensive than some other services, in my opinion, Doola positions itself as a compelling choice for non-US residents looking to establish their business in the U.S. efficiently and effectively.

The Expert Verdict

Doola is a valuable option for non-resident entrepreneurs looking to establish a U.S. business, providing a comprehensive suite of services from formation to compliance and tax filing. However, it may not suit those requiring immediate, consistent post-payment communication due to reports of delays and unresponsiveness. Alternatives like Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness could be better for those prioritizing lower costs or more traditional business needs. Doola’s “Business in a Box” service, specialization in DAO LLCs, and tailored services for non-US residents highlight its unique position in the market.

Doola Promo Codes and Coupons

I haven’t been able to find specific promo codes or coupons available for Doola’s services. LLC formation services rarely offer promo codes. However, Northwest Registered Agent is an exception, providing a special offer if you sign up through a link from LLC Geek.

Doola Alternatives

Doola stands out for its specialization in serving non-US residents and DAOs but isn’t the best when it comes to pricing and a few other things. Let’s compare Doola with its alternatives to provide a clearer picture.

Doola vs. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is known for its affordable pricing and excellent customer support, offering a worry-free compliance package alongside its LLC formation services. ZenBusiness’s approach to customer service and its competitive pricing makes it a strong alternative to Doola, particularly for those prioritizing cost, customer care, and a user-friendly platform.

Basic Package Price + State Fee$297/year + State Fee$0 + State Fee
Registered Agent ServiceIncluded$199/year
Compliance AssistanceAvailable at additional costIncluded in some packages
Customer SupportMixed reviewsHighly praised

Doola vs. Bizee

Bizee, formerly known as Incfile, offers a free basic LLC formation package, charging only for state fees. It provides a year of free registered agent service with its free package. Bizee is best suited for those looking for a cost-effective entry point into LLC formation.

Basic Package Price + State Fee$297/year$0 + State Fee
Registered Agent ServiceIncluded$119/year after first free year
Compliance AssistanceAvailable at additional costAdditional services available at a cost

Doola vs. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is highly regarded for its personalized customer service and privacy protection. Its pricing is transparent, and it includes a free year of registered agent service with LLC formation.

FeatureDoolaNorthwest Registered Agent
Basic Package Price + State Fee$297/year$39 + State Fee
Registered Agent ServiceIncluded$125/year after first free year
Compliance AssistanceAvailable at additional costIncluded in package

Doola’s unique offerings, such as specialized services for non-US residents and DAOs, set it apart from these alternatives. However, depending on individual needs, ZenBusiness, Bizee, or Northwest Registered Agent could be more suitable for different entrepreneurs.

Cancellation Policy

Here are the key points from Doola’s cancellation policy:

  • Schedule Adjustments: Doola allows for schedule adjustments or cancellations. Clients are required to notify Doola at least 24 hours in advance of any changes to avoid additional fees.
  • Cancellation Fees: Any cancellation, rescheduling, or change made without a 24-hour notice incurs a $150 fee.
  • Missed Appointments: If an appointment is missed (i.e., a Doola employee shows up on site but cannot perform the service), it results in the forfeiture of the full amount due.
  • Delays: Appointments delayed by more than 30 minutes are subject to a rescheduling fee of $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Doola offer for LLC formation?

Doola provides LLC formation services, including filing documents, obtaining an EIN, and offering a registered agent service. They specialize in helping non-US residents and DAOs.

How long does the LLC formation process take with Doola?

The formation process varies by state, but Doola aims to complete filings as quickly as possible. Clients are advised to contact Doola directly for specific timelines.

Can Doola help with obtaining a bank account for my LLC?

Yes, Doola assists with banking solutions as part of its service offerings, making it easier for international clients to manage their U.S.-based business finances.

What makes Doola different from other LLC formation services?

Doola’s focus on non-US residents and DAOs, comprehensive compliance packages, and specialized services like CPA consultations and bookkeeping software set it apart.

Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with Doola’s services?

Doola’s refund policy is based on the specifics of the service agreement. Clients are encouraged to discuss any concerns directly with Doola for resolution.

Ed Reid is an entrepreneurship coach and writer with over a decade of experience, specializing in empowering individuals and businesses through his work. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, business development, and the strategic use of online business platforms.