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Northwest Registered Agent Review: Pros, Cons, and Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent helps people start businesses. In this review, I will show you how Northwest Registered Agent works. You’ll learn about pricing, what’s included, and if it’s a good fit.

Review Summary

Best for comprehensive services
Northwest Registered Agent
Free Registered Agent
Yes, for the first year
Basic Package Price
$39 + State fee
Support Quality
Very good
Live Chat
Yes, human
Turnaround Time
Mobile App
Ease of Use
Very good
Northwest Registered Agent stands out as our second choice for LLC formation services due to their straightforward and transparent approach, with minimal upselling. They offer an affordable LLC formation fee, which includes a free registered agent service for the first year, and a competitive renewal price thereafter. Their exceptional customer support, coupled with their commitment to privacy and extensive service offerings, makes them a highly recommended provider for businesses looking to establish an LLC efficiently and securely.
  • Privacy by default service.
  • Affordable LLC formation fee.
  • Free registered agent for 1 year.
  • Comprehensive RA services.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • No mobile app available.
  • Pricey add-ons.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is a distinguished provider in the LLC formation and registered agent services industry, established in 1998. Though the founder’s details are not specified, the company is renowned for its straightforward approach, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses aiming to incorporate.

Their primary offering encompasses LLC formation with an emphasis on privacy and security, highlighted by their “Privacy by Default” feature. This unique approach ensures clients’ personal information is protected throughout the process. Additionally, Northwest offers a broad spectrum of services beyond LLC formation, including mail forwarding, virtual office solutions, and compliance services, catering to a wide range of business needs.

Packages and Pricing

Northwest Registered Agent offers a straightforward pricing model for its LLC formation and registered agent services. They do not have multiple package options but rather a single price point for LLC formation that includes a range of essential services.

FeatureIncluded in Package?Price (if not included)
LLC Formation FeeYes$39 (special offer)
Operating AgreementYesIncluded
Business Address UseYesIncluded
Mail ScanningYesIncluded
Privacy by DefaultYesIncluded
Registered Agent ServiceYes$125/year after first year

The initial offer is $39 with a special link, covering the first year’s registered agent service, operating agreement, business address use, and mail scanning. After the first year, the registered agent service renews at $125 annually. This pricing model emphasizes transparency and includes several key services without the complexity of multiple package tiers.

Privacy by Default

Northwest Registered Agent sets itself apart with its “Privacy by Default” service. This principle ensures that the personal information of their clients is automatically protected without the need for special requests or additional fees. This approach is highly valued by business owners concerned about their privacy, making it a standout feature in the LLC formation and registered agent industry.

Northwest applies a strong focus on client confidentiality throughout their range of services, including LLC formation and mail forwarding. This approach highlights their emphasis on security and privacy in their operations.

Ease of Use

I have tried forming an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent and found it to be a notably user-friendly experience. Before selling their services, they offer an option to download the state-specific filing form after selecting a state and entity type, and they link to a guide on self-filing. Then they offer you a hands-off approach, where Northwest can handle the filing for a fee.

This flexibility, coupled with their clear guidance, makes the setup process accessible, especially for first-time users.

northwest registered agent

Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent is recognized for its thorough registered agent service. This service is vital for LLCs requiring a dependable contact for legal and state documents. Their service aims to maintain compliance with state rules, offering a sense of security for business owners.

Registered Agent Review

Northwest Registered Agent’s service is appreciated for its dependable and efficient nature. This service takes care of your business’s legal and state documents swiftly and accurately, while also adding an important layer of privacy and professionalism.

Northwest Registered Agent Price

The registered agent service is offered at no charge for the first year when you opt for their LLC formation package. Following the initial year, the service continues at a rate of $125 per year. Given the benefits and convenience it offers, particularly the extra privacy safeguards, this pricing is quite competitive.

Registered Agent Service Cancellation

I have summarized a few points from their registered agent cancellation policy and removed the legal jargon so you don’t have to:

  • Northwest has the right to end registered agent services for a variety of reasons. These can include incorrect account information, non-payment, suspicion of illegal activities, or any other valid reason.
  • Clients can end services through their online account. After this termination, Northwest will no longer be responsible for sending notifications, forwarding, or re-mailing any documents, even if they are still officially listed as the registered agent.
  • If services are terminated, the company could potentially run into some issues, such as losing its license or standing. In such cases, Northwest Registered Agent can step away from its role without having to complete any further paperwork.

Pricing Comparison: Northwest Registered Agent vs. Others

To compare Northwest Registered Agent with its alternatives, I’ve gathered data on the initial costs, registered agent services, and additional features. This table provides a side-by-side comparison:

ServiceLLC Formation CostRegistered Agent CostUnique Feature
Northwest$39*$125/yearPrivacy by Default
ZenBusinessFree$199/yearWorry-Free Compliance
Swyft FilingsFree$199/yearSpeed and Support
Tailor BrandsFree$199/yearBranding Services
Rocket Lawyer$100$249.99/yearLegal Services

*Special offer price, regular price $100 + state fees.

This comparison underscores Northwest’s competitive pricing for its LLC formation service, particularly with its “Privacy by Default” feature. While other services offer lower or comparable initial costs, Northwest’s registered agent service fee is notably less than Rocket Lawyer‘s, providing a balance between affordability and comprehensive service offerings.

I have diligently researched and written a comprehensive comparison of the best LLC services, which will provide you with a wider array of options.

Customer Support Quality

Northwest Registered Agent is celebrated for its exceptional customer support, a cornerstone of their service offering. They provide professional, friendly assistance across various platforms, ensuring that each client’s questions and concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly.

Northwest Registered Agent Phone Number and Email Address

Northwest Registered Agent ensures accessible support through various channels:

Turnaround Time

Northwest Registered Agent’s turnaround times are some of the best in the market, with many states offering instant processing. However, the speed can vary depending on each state’s specific processing times and whether expedited service is chosen, if available. This variability means that while many customers can expect quick setup times, others may experience longer waits based on their state’s efficiency and the additional services selected.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Northwest Registered Agent receives overwhelmingly positive feedback for its customer service, ease of use, and privacy measures. Clients often commend the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff, appreciating the straightforward process for LLC formation and the efficiency of filing services. The emphasis on protecting personal information through their “Privacy by Default” policy is a standout feature that resonates well with customers, distinguishing Northwest in the market.

Despite its higher price point relative to some competitors, the comprehensive nature of Northwest’s offerings, including a year of free registered agent service with LLC formation, is perceived as good value. The responsive and accessible customer support, enabling quick connections with knowledgeable staff, is frequently highlighted as a critical factor in positive experiences.

However, some reviews mention the cost and limited geographic availability of services as potential drawbacks for small businesses or those in certain jurisdictions. Overall, Northwest’s highly rated customer satisfaction, privacy, and wide range of services contribute to a positive reputation among users, reinforcing its status as a recommended provider for LLC formation and registered agent services.

Operating Agreement Service

Northwest Registered Agent provides comprehensive services beyond LLC formation, including an Operating Agreement as part of their standard package. This document is crucial for outlining the ownership structure and operating procedures of an LLC, offering clarity and protection for business owners.

With the purchase of their LLC formation service, clients receive an Operating Agreement tailored to their specific state’s regulations, ensuring compliance and offering peace of mind.

Northwest Registered Agent Mobile App

Northwest Registered Agent does not currently offer a mobile app for either iPhone or Android devices. This absence might be seen as a limitation for users who prefer managing their business formation and compliance tasks on the go. Their focus remains on providing their services through their website and direct customer support channels.

If you’re looking for the convenience of managing your LLC through a mobile app rather than a responsive mobile web version, then ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, or Rocket Lawyer may be better options for you.

The Expert Verdict

Based on my testing and research, I recommend Northwest Registered Agent as one of the top choices for starting an LLC. Their offer of a free registered agent service for the first year is particularly compelling, especially when combined with LLC Geek’s special link that lowers the LLC formation fee to just $39. Moreover, their renewal prices for registered agent services are affordable at $125 annually, which is a significant advantage.

Their commitment to privacy, ensuring client information is safeguarded, aligns with the needs of today’s businesses seeking confidentiality. These features, alongside their straightforward approach and comprehensive service offerings, position Northwest Registered Agent as a valuable partner for business formation and compliance.

Northwest Registered Agent Promo Codes and Coupons

You don’t need an actual Northwest promo code to access LLC Geek’s exclusive offer which allows you to start an LLC, including a free registered agent and other essential services, for just $39. This special pricing offers over 60% discount from the original price of $100, presenting a significant saving for new businesses.

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

When considering Northwest Registered Agent, it’s crucial to compare it with leading alternatives to ensure you’re making an informed decision for your LLC formation needs.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness offers a starter plan at $0 plus state fees, with additional packages and services available. It contrasts with Northwest’s flat-rate approach, including the first year of registered agent service for free and then $125 annually.

FeatureNorthwest Registered AgentZenBusiness
Initial LLC Formation Fee$39 (with special link)$0 + state fees
Registered Agent ServiceFree first year, $125/year after$199/year
Operating AgreementIncludedAvailable at extra cost
Turnaround TimeFastStandard
User-FriendlinessVery goodBest
Customer SupportVery goodBest

Northwest Registered Agent vs. Bizee (formerly Incfile)

Bizee offers a free Silver Package, including a year of registered agent service. Renewal costs are lower than Northwest, at $119/year. Bizee provides a range of packages to cater to different business needs.

FeatureNorthwest Registered AgentBizee
Initial LLC Formation Fee$39 (with special link)$0 + state fees
Registered Agent ServiceFree first year, $125/year afterFree first year, $119/year after
Operating AgreementIncludedAvailable at extra cost
Turnaround TimeFastStandard
User-FriendlinessVery goodVery good
Customer SupportVery goodVery good

Northwest Registered Agent vs. LegalZoom

LegalZoom offers a basic package starting at $0 plus state fees, but their registered agent service is notably more expensive at $249/year. They provide a broader range of legal services, which may be beneficial for some businesses.

FeatureNorthwest Registered AgentLegalZoom
Initial LLC Formation Fee$39 (with special link)$0 + state fees
Registered Agent ServiceFree first year, $125/year after$249/year
Operating AgreementIncluded$99
Turnaround TimeFastStandard
User-FriendlinessVery goodVery good
Customer SupportVery goodGood

These comparisons show that while Northwest Registered Agent is competitive in pricing and services, the choice between them and alternatives like ZenBusiness, Bizee, and LegalZoom depends on individual preferences, specific business needs, and budget considerations.

Cancellation Policy

Northwest Registered Agent’s cancellation policy outlines specific terms for terminating services, emphasizing user responsibility for outstanding fees and the implications of service termination. Key points include:

  • Upon canceling any service, clients are liable for all outstanding payments and may face additional fees due to unbundling or after a free trial period ends.
  • Authority to cancel services is presumed for anyone with access to the account, and such terminations are legally binding.
  • The policy clarifies the waiver of rights to statutory damages or tort claims and prohibits filing a change of address with USPS post-termination.

Termination of Non-Registered Agent Services

  • The termination process and conditions for services other than registered agent services mirror those of registered agent services, with termination possible by both parties for reasons including lack of payment, failure to provide accurate information, or illegal activity suspicions.
  • Services can be terminated at any time via the client portal, with no fees for cancellation. However, past-due balances must be settled.

This dense policy underscores the importance of understanding the full scope of responsibilities and potential consequences when terminating services with Northwest Registered Agent. The policy is designed to protect both the service provider and the client, ensuring clarity and compliance with legal requirements. However, the emphasis on client liability for costs and the potential impact on company status highlight critical considerations for users contemplating service cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Northwest Registered Agent offer services in my state?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent offers services in all 50 states, ensuring wide coverage for LLC formation and registered agent services across the United States.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent cost?

The cost to start an LLC with Northwest is $39 with a special offer link, otherwise, it’s $100 plus state fees. The registered agent service is included for the first year and renews at $125 annually.

What types of businesses can use Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent provides services for a variety of business types including LLCs, corporations, and nonprofits, catering to a broad range of business needs with their comprehensive offerings.

Can I change my registered agent to Northwest Registered Agent?

Yes, you can change your registered agent to Northwest Registered Agent. They offer a straightforward process for making this change, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Does Northwest Registered Agent provide a physical business address for my registered agent listing?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent provides a physical business address as part of their registered agent service, which can be used for official documents and compliance purposes.

Does Northwest Registered Agent forward mail or just legal documents?

Northwest Registered Agent forwards all mail received, not just legal documents. This includes service of process, legal notices, and any other mail sent to your business.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs beyond the initial service charge?

According to the information provided, Northwest Registered Agent prides itself on transparency, with no hidden fees. The main costs are the initial service charge and the annual renewal for the registered agent service.

Can I use Northwest Registered Agent to help me file my annual reports?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent offers annual report filing services. This service helps ensure that your business remains compliant with state requirements, with the filing offered for free plus state fees.

Ed Reid is an entrepreneurship coach and writer with over a decade of experience, specializing in empowering individuals and businesses through his work. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, business development, and the strategic use of online business platforms.