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MyCompanyWorks Review: Pros, Cons & Pricing

MyCompanyWorks provides services to help you form a business. In this review, I will explain what MyCompanyWorks does and how its service works. We’ll also discuss costs and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Review Summary

Best for transparency
Best for transparency
Free Registered Agent
No, $99/year
Basic Package Price
$59 + State fee
Support Quality
Live Chat
Turnaround Time
Mobile App
Ease of Use
Below Average
MyCompanyWorks is a reliable choice for LLC formation, offering a range of service packages that cater to different business needs. It stands out for its responsive customer service and comprehensive features, including same-day business processing and an extensive library of business and tax forms. However, its base package lacks some services offered by competitors, and customer reviews are inconsistent across different platforms. Additionally, some may find its expedite fee unnecessary in states where filing can be instant online.
  • Responsive customer service
  • Comprehensive service features
  • Basic package lacks features
  • Inconsistent customer reviews
  • Additional fees for expedite

What Is MyCompanyWorks?

MyCompanyWorks is a company specializing in LLC formation and other legal or branding services. Founded in 2001, it aims to simplify the process of business formation for entrepreneurs. Offering a range of services beyond LLC creation, MyCompanyWorks gets my vote for its commitment to transparency and efficiency but has room for improvement when it comes to ease of use and affordability.

Packages and Pricing

MyCompanyWorks offers three distinct packages tailored to different business needs: Basic, Entrepreneur, and Complete. Each package includes a variety of features aiming to simplify the LLC formation process, from the essential filing of Articles of Organization to comprehensive compliance and business support services.

FeatureBasic ($59 + State Fee)Entrepreneur ($307 + State Fee)Complete ($624 + State Fee)
Satisfaction Guarantee, Same-Day Processing, and SupportYesYesYes
Name Availability Searches and Filing Articles of OrganizationYesYesYes
Personalized Organizational Minutes and Operating AgreementYesYesYes
Online Tracking and Access to Scanned DocumentsYesYesYes
Exclusive Resources and Lifetime Dashboard AccessYesYesYes
MyCompanyForms, Federal Tax ID, and First-Year Free Registered Agent ServiceNoYesYes
Additional Business Services and Support FeaturesNoNoYes

The Entrepreneur package adds forms and tax guides, a federal tax ID, and the first year of registered agent service for free, along with ComplianceLock™. The Complete package further includes report filing service, monitoring, e-ledger, certified copies, cloud storage, priority support, and more, making it the most comprehensive option out of the three.


ComplianceLock™ is a feature offered by MyCompanyWorks’ Entrepreneur and Complete packages. It aims to help businesses maintain compliance with state regulations by monitoring important filing deadlines and compliance events. This proactive service is aimed at preventing missed deadlines and ensuring businesses stay in good standing with state authorities.

Ease of Use

MyCompanyWorks form I used during the registration process seemed to be less user-friendly, with a single page full of boxes to fill out, which can be overwhelming. Despite this, MyCompanyWorks does not heavily upsell, making the overall experience positive for many users.


Registered Agent Service

MyCompanyWorks provides a registered agent service also known as a statutory or resident agent in some states. This service is crucial for ensuring that your LLC remains in good standing by handling official government correspondence and compliance documents.

MyCompanyWorks Registered Agent Price

The registered agent service from MyCompanyWorks is not included in the basic package. It’s included in the two more premium packages or priced at $99/year as a standalone service.

Pricing Comparison: MyCompanyWorks vs. Others

Below is a comprehensive comparison table of MyCompanyWorks against ZenBusiness, Bizee (formerly Incfile), and Northwest Registered Agent. This comparison is based on the cheapest price to form an LLC excluding state fees, whether free registered agent service is offered for the first year with the basic package, and the cost to renew registered agent service.

ServiceCheapest LLC Formation (excl. State Fee)Free Registered Agent (1st Year)Renewal Cost of Registered Agent
Bizee (formerly Incfile)FreeYes$119/year
Northwest Registered Agent$39 (special offer) or $100Yes$125/year

This comparison helps to highlight the unique value proposition of each service in terms of cost-efficiency, inclusion of registered agent services, and the renewal cost for those services.

It’s clear from the comparison that while MyCompanyWorks offers a competitive starting price, both Bizee and Northwest Registered Agent provide the added value of a free registered agent service for the first year, with Bizee offering the lowest renewal rate among the competitors.

I’ve extensively researched, tested, and analyzed various LLC services to offer a comprehensive selection of options.

Customer Support Quality

MyCompanyWorks has received high praise for its customer support, characterized by a knowledgeable, friendly team ready to assist. Support is available via phone and email, with prompt responses often within a couple of business hours. Despite shorter support hours compared to competitors, the quality of service is very good. The company has received positive feedback on multiple platforms, including an A+ BBB rating, indicating a good amount of customer satisfaction.

MyCompanyWorks Phone Number and Email Address

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1-800-326-1362
  • Support Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM PT

The company offers a variety of self-help resources and guarantees a response in less than 24 hours.

Turnaround Time

MyCompanyWorks does a good job of being clear with their processing times, which is a strong point compared to similar services. For instance, in Wyoming, they generally complete LLC formations in 2-3 business days. They offer a speedier option to get it done in 1-2 business days for an extra $20. While this fee isn’t too high, it does stand out when considering that Wyoming typically allows instant online filing when done individually. It raises a question about whether the expedited fee is needed when the state’s own process is quite fast. This is an important detail to consider when we look at the company’s efficiency and honesty about turnaround times.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Positive feedback about MyCompanyWorks often points to same-day business processing and the variety of up-to-date business and tax forms. Customers appreciate the straightforward and cost-effective LLC registration process, which has helped the company build a strong and loyal customer base. The registered agent service, although not part of the basic package, has been applauded for not adding extra charges for agent changes.

On the other hand, the lack of a registered agent service in the basic package has been a common point of critique, especially given that some competitors include this feature in all of their packages. Additionally, there are some inconsistencies in the customer satisfaction ratings across different review platforms.

While ShopperApproved contains high satisfaction rates, platforms like BBB and Trustpilot show fewer and more critical reviews. Some customers have reported delays and issues with refunds or the delivery of certain items, such as the corporate kit, indicating areas where MyCompanyWorks could improve its service delivery and customer experience.

MyCompanyWorks Mobile App

MyCompanyWorks does not have an app available for iPhone or Android. Of the top services that I reviewed, the only ones that offer mobile apps are ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer.

International LLC Formation Services of MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks makes it easier for people around the world to set up an LLC in the United States. The company has designed its services to cater to a wide audience, including international clients. Despite not having specific services designed only for international customers, MyCompanyWorks offers features such as E-Delivery and FedEx Air Delivery for international shipping. Please note, that shipping costs may vary depending on the country. This approach indicates that MyCompanyWorks is ready and able to support international entrepreneurs wanting to establish an LLC in the U.S., making its services both accessible and convenient for clients globally.

The Expert Verdict

MyCompanyWorks is generally well-regarded, especially for its responsive customer service and comprehensive range of features, including same-day business processing and extensive business and tax forms. It’s highlighted as suitable for entrepreneurs seeking a straightforward and efficient LLC formation service with supportive resources and tools. However, it may not be the optimal choice for those looking for the most economical option, as some services, like the registered agent, are only included in the higher-tier packages.

MyCompanyWorks Promo Codes and Coupons

Currently, there are no available promo codes or coupons for MyCompanyWorks. Promo codes or coupons are not typically offered by LLC formation services. However, Northwest Registered Agent is an exception, as they provide a special discount for our visitors.

MyCompanyWorks Alternatives

MyCompanyWorks competes with several alternatives in the LLC formation market. Each service has its unique strengths and areas of focus, making the choice dependent on specific business needs and preferences.

MyCompanyWorks vs. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is renowned for its affordability and customer-friendly services. Its features, including a worry-free compliance guarantee, make it my top choice for forming an LLC.

Basic Package Price$59Free (plus state fees)
Registered Agent Service$99/year$199/year
User FriendlinessBelow AverageBest
Support QualityGoodBest

MyCompanyWorks vs. Bizee (formerly Incfile)

Bizee brings to the table a no-cost initial LLC formation package, which includes a year’s worth of free registered agent service, making it an appealing choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Basic Package Price$59Free (plus state fees)
Registered Agent Service$99/year$119/year after first year
User FriendlinessBelow AverageVery Good
Support QualityGoodVery Good

MyCompanyWorks vs. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent emphasizes privacy and personalized customer service, with a higher base price but including a year of registered agent service. It’s a solid choice for those valuing privacy and direct support.

FeatureMyCompanyWorksNorthwest Registered Agent
Basic Package Price$59$39 (special offer) or $100
Registered Agent Service$99/year$125/year
User FriendlinessBelow AverageVery Good
Support QualityGoodVery Good

These comparisons show that while MyCompanyWorks offers solid service, alternatives like ZenBusiness and Bizee provide competitive pricing and user-friendly platforms. Northwest Registered Agent stands out for its privacy focus and direct support, offering value for a specific clientele.

Cancellation Policy

MyCompanyWorks provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to request a full refund within this period if they’re not satisfied with the services. However, this refund excludes state fees, third-party fees, or expedited fees. A notable aspect of their policy is a $25 processing fee deducted from any refund issued, which some may find detracts from the overall value of the guarantee. Here’s a more comprehensive breakdown of their policy:


  • You can cancel a service before its renewal date to avoid further charges. Renewal dates can be found on your invoice or under “My Account”.
  • MyCompanyWorks sends reminders 60, 30, and 7 days before renewal.
  • Cancel by logging into your account or emailing MyCompanyWorks. State fees and any costs to cancel the service may still apply.


  • MyCompanyWorks offers refunds within 90 days of purchase ONLY if they make a significant error and you notify them in writing right away.
  • There may be a $25 processing fee if you cancel an order after payment is taken, but before they check your company’s name availability.
  • A $75 processing fee may apply if you cancel after MyCompanyWorks has created your documents, but before they file with the state.
  • No refunds are offered once documents are filed with the state.

Additional Fees

  • MyCompanyWorks charges fees for various situations:
    • Late payments on renewals
    • Returned checks ($35 fee plus any bank charges)
    • Chargebacks ($50 fee)

How much does it cost to form an LLC with MyCompanyWorks?

The cost to form an LLC with MyCompanyWorks starts at $59 plus state fees. This is for the Basic package, which includes essential services for LLC formation.

Does MyCompanyWorks offer a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, MyCompanyWorks offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their service, you can request a full refund within this period, excluding state, third-party, and expedited fees. A $25 processing fee is deducted from the refund.

Can I get a free registered agent service with MyCompanyWorks?

MyCompanyWorks includes a free year of registered agent service with the Entrepreneur and Complete packages, not with the Basic package. After the first year, the service renews at $99/year.

How long does the LLC formation process take with MyCompanyWorks?

The standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days, but it can be expedited to 1-2 business days for an additional fee of $20 in some states like Wyoming. However, it’s important to note that in states where filing can be instant online, the necessity of this fee is debatable.

Ed Reid is an entrepreneurship coach and writer with over a decade of experience, specializing in empowering individuals and businesses through his work. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, business development, and the strategic use of online business platforms.